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LIKE POSTERS OF THE PAST 20 YEARS? 800 rolled 27" x 40" one-sheets close very soon; nearly half are $5 or under; lots of greats included!

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Posted 19 February 2012 - 12:32 PM

I JUST LOOKED OVER THE 800 ROLLED 27x40 ONE-SHEETS CLOSING IN A FEW HOURS, AND I SAW LOTS AND LOTS OF REALLY WILDLY UNDER-PRICED ITEMS, SO IF YOU LIKE THIS SORT OF MATERIAL, THEN BE SURE TO LOOK IT OVER VERY CAREFULLY, BECAUSE AS OF RIGHT NOW, THERE ARE INCREDIBLE DEALS (and this is one of our very best selection of rolled 27x40 ever, as will be immediately evident when you look at the items priced high to low!). IF YOU LIKE POSTERS OF THE PAST 20 YEARS (which is currently one of the hottest areas in our hobby), THEN THIS IS THE AUCTION FOR YOU! AND IF YOU HAVE BEEN WANTING TO PICK UP SOME ONE-SHEETS FROM "RECENT" MOVIES YOU LOVED, AND WANT TO BE 100% CERTAIN YOU ARE NOT GOING TO ACCIDENTALLY GET A REPRO, THEN THIS REALLY IS THE AUCTION FOR YOU (because many of these are way under what you would pay for a REPRO of the same poster)!

Three times EVERY week we auction hundreds of items that sell for low, low prices (we actually sell lots and lots of items for $1 and $2, and around half of all that we auction goes for $14 and under (and those are pretty evenly spread between $1 and $14), and our leading 'competitor" NEVER auctions even ONE item for less than FIFTEEN DOLLARS, due to their outrageous $14 minimum buyers premium).

But Sunday's 800 rolled 27" x 40" one-sheets (all guaranteed to be originals!), closing THIS AFTERNOON (not at night, like our Tuesday and Thursday auctions), on February 19th, represent REALLY incredible values, and that includes a lot of really good items, and yet many of these are currently languishing at low, low, prices!

With just 8 hours to go, these 800 rolled 27" x 40" one-sheets (all guaranteed to be originals!) include a WACKY 7 that have no bid at all, a CRAZY 126 that are $1 each or have no bid, an INCREDULOUS 188 that are still $2 each and under. a DOWNRIGHT LAUGHABLE 289 that are $3 each or under and a MOUNT EVEREST-LIKE 391 that are still $5 each and under! THAT'S RIGHT, JUST UNDER HALF OF THESE ITEMS ARE $3 EACH OR UNDER (and around 23% are $1 or $2 each!), AND THAT INCLUDES A LOT OF GOOD ITEMS THAT MOST DEALERS WOULD ASK $10, $20 OR MUCH MORE FOR!

Some may say they can't afford to spend money on "frivolous" items like these right now, but I say you can't afford NOT to, both because many prices are lower than you could possibly imagine, and this opportunity might not pass this way again anytime soon, and also because THESE paper items seem far more likely to hold their value than our paper MONEY which erodes in value with each passing week!

Here is a list of the current top 40 items (note that these are all links to the actual auctions, and the icon at the end of each shows that image):
8h562 PULP FICTION 1sh '94 Quentin Tarantino, close up of sexy Uma Thurman smoking in bed!Posted Image
8h749 UNFORGIVEN undated teaser 1sh '92 image of gunslinger Clint Eastwood with back turned!Posted Image
8h395 KILL BILL: VOL. 1 foil teaser DS 1sh '03 Quentin Tarantino, Uma Thurman's katana!Posted Image
8h238 FARGO 1sh '96 a homespun murder story from the Coen Brothers, great image!Posted Image
8h381 JACKIE BROWN teaser DS 1sh '97 Quentin Tarantino, cool image of Pam Grier in title role!Posted Image
8h506 NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN DS 1sh '07 Joel & Ethan Coen, Tommy Lee Jones, Javier Bardem!Posted Image
8h175 DARK KNIGHT teaser DS 1sh '08 Heath Ledger as the Joker, why so serious?Posted Image
8h621 SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION advance 1sh '94 Tim Robbins, Morgan Freeman, written by Stephen King!Posted Image
8h212 E.T. THE EXTRA TERRESTRIAL advance 1sh '82 completely different spaceship in clouds image!Posted Image
8h143 CITY OF GOD DS 1sh '03 Cidade de Deus, Alexandre Rodrigues, Leandro Firmino, Brazilian!Posted Image
8h755 VIEW TO A KILL rare recalled English 1sh '85 art of Moore as Bond & Grace Jones by Vic Fair!Posted Image
8h087 BIG LEBOWSKI 1sh '98 Coen Brothers, great image of Jeff Bridges bowling with Julianne Moore!Posted Image
8h364 INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS int'l DS 1sh '09 Quentin Tarantino, Brad Pitt, Christoph Waltz!Posted Image
8h443 LOST IN TRANSLATION DS 1sh '03 pretty Scarlett Johansson in Tokyo, Sofia Coppola!Posted Image

...and lots more great ones!

In these days of high starting bids or fourteen dollar minimum buyers premiums, it is a sight for sore eyes to see 800 rolled 27" x 40" one-sheets (all guaranteed to be originals!) at such low, low prices with just 9 hours to go! Why not declare independence from those dealers that have sky high $14 buyers premiums, overgraded items, nosebleed shipping (and they don't combine) etc, etc, etc?

There's even more! If you are one of the 7,100+ members of our weekly e-mail club (and if you are not, you can join right now at http://www.emovieposter.com/mail/clubsignup.php!), you get great bonuses if you purchase just 10 or 15 or 20 of these items, and we even pay the U.S. shipping on the bonuses (if you live outside the U.S., you pay the difference between U.S. shipping and the actual cost of getting them to you).

IMPORTANT! We have given away most of the free bonus books we had, and by early this year we will be largely ending our giving of free books as bonuses. SINCE THERE ARE STILL 126 ITEMS AT ONE DOLLAR OR HAVE NO BID, YOU CAN SURELY BID ON ANY 20 OF THOSE AND GET 6 OF OUR BEST BOOKS AS A BONUS (as long as you make certain you end up winning 20 items) AND THIS WILL SURELY NOT NEED TO COST YOU OVER $40 FOR EVERYTHING (if you focus on the least expensive)! HOW CAN THAT NOT MAKE SENSE TO DO?

Don't forget to check out our 800 rolled 27" x 40" one-sheets (all guaranteed to be originals!) sometime BEFORE they end THIS AFTERNOON Sunday, February 19th, (but you only have 8 hours left to do so, because they start ending at 3 PM CST THIS AFTERNOON, so skedaddle over there right now!) by going to http://www.emoviepos.../sort/4/15.html

About the rolled 27" x 40" one-sheet posters
Note that we only included 27" x 40" one-sheets in this auction! Sometime in the late 1980s studios began printing their posters in a 27" x 40" format (it was a gradual change). We DO also auction 27" x 41" posters (which are almost all from before 1990), but we do that in a completely separate auction from this one. EVERY POSTER IN THIS AUCTION MEASURES 27" X 40", UNLESS OTHERWISE NOTED.
Also note that most of the posters we are selling this week were never folded. A very few of the posters were once folded (or partially folded, as in tri-folding), but all of those have been stored flat for a long time and will be shipped rolled in tubes, along with the completely unfolded ones. We will NOT re-fold any of the "formerly folded" posters. WE ALWAYS IDENTIFY WHETHER A POSTER IS UNFOLDED, TRI-FOLDED, OR FORMERLY FULLY FOLDED WITHIN THE DESCRIPTION FOR EACH ITEM!

About the originality of rolled one-sheets
Many collectors would like to add posters from their favorite movies of the 1980s onward to their collection, but they rightfully are afraid they will be sold commercial posters (or reproductions or bootlegs), rather than actual posters either used in theaters or intended for theater use. WHEN YOU BUY FROM US THIS WEEK, YOU HAVE A GUARANTEE THAT YOU WILL BE BUYING A GENUINE ORIGINAL MOVIE POSTERS! This is because all of these posters come to us either from theater owners, or from advanced collectors (often ones who purchased the posters right when the movies first came out), people who know how to distinguish an original poster, and also, we here at eMoviePoster very carefully scrutinize every poster to make 100% certain it is genuine! But you don't have to take our word for it! If you purchase any poster this week, and you have the slightest doubts about its originality after you receive it, it is fine for you to return it for a full refund within 7 days of receipt (but we virtually never get a single poster returned, because we reject any poster that is consigned to us if we have the slightest doubts about it!).

About the condition
Normally when we sell movie paper, we grade the posters on a scale that allows for some defects typical of 30 to 75-year-old movie posters that were actually used in theaters. Such posters often have some minor wear at the very least, and it is next to impossible to find posters that have no wear at all, and it would be silly to have a grading scale where no posters would qualify for "very good to fine" (or better grades), so we use a more "relaxed" scale that allows for very minor defects in our "very good to fine" grade.
But in this auction, we are selling a fair number of posters from the past 20 to 40 years, and those posters can more often be found in excellent condition, because there were dealers and collectors who purchased these posters unused, and kept them in wonderful condition.
So for THIS auction, we grade on a MUCH stricter scale than we do for our folded one-sheet auctions! We downgrade posters to "very good to fine" for very minor defects (things like a single tiny tear in the border, or faint creases in the edges). We further downgrade to "very good" posters that have several of these types of defects, even though the poster would probably qualify as "fine", if it was from the 1940s!
We use this "sliding scale" grading because it allows us to better convey the poster's true condition to our buyers. If we used the exact same scale for all posters, then most 1920s posters would be graded as "fair" or "poor", and most 1970s posters would be graded as "fine", and we realize that that benefits nobody!
In this auction, we have given a more detailed overall condition grade ("fine", "very good to fine", "very good", "good to very good", "good", and "fair", with only a few "poor") for each poster. We felt this would help bidders identify items they want to bid on more easily. Of course, we still strongly recommend that you look at our super-sized image to see the extent of the defects.
Know that we generally grade FAR more harshly than any other dealer we know! A 1980s poster that we grade as "good" or "good to very good" may well be one that many collectors could display on their wall just as it is, and may well be one that many other dealers would grade as "very good". So please don't reject a poster because it has a grade of "good" or "good to very good". Please study our supersized image and see if the defects are the sort that you can accept.

And now you can browse the items in ALL of galleries at one time in our All Auctions gallery at http://www.emovieposter.com/agallery/all.html!

And you can always access our galleries by using the link from our homepage, http://www.emovieposter.com
Bruce Hershenson and the other 29 members of the eMoviePoster.com team

P.O. Box 874

West Plains, MO 65775

Phone: 417-256-9616 (hours: Mon-Fri 9 to 5 except from 12 to 1 when we take lunch)

our site

our auctions

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