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999 folded one-sheets close soon; many great ones, even more steals!

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Posted 20 March 2012 - 12:11 PM

I JUST LOOKED OVER THE FOLDED ONE-SHEETS ENDING TONIGHT, AND I SAW LOTS AND LOTS OF REALLY WILDLY UNDER-PRICED ITEMS (there are perhaps 10% that are fairly priced, but the other 90% are filled with super-low prices!). THIS IS A TIME FOR ABSOLUTE STEALS!

Are you tired of auctions for millionaires only where the items have a "round up the usual suspects" feel to them, and there is a "pay retail or you can't buy" philosophy behind the auctions, and the same items return to the auction block over and over and over? Well, we have the antidote for you! Three times EVERY week we auction hundreds of items that sell for low, low prices (we actually sell lots and lots of items for $1 and $2, and around half of all that we auction goes for $14 and under, and our leading "competitor" NEVER auctions a single item for less than FIFTEEN DOLLARS, due to their outrageous $14 minimum buyers premium). But Tuesday night's 999 folded one-sheets, closing tonight, on TUESDAY March 20th, represent REALLY incredible values, and yet many of these are currently languishing at low, low, prices!

With just 13 hours to go, the999 folded one-sheets include a preposterous 18 with no bid at all, a stupefying 135 that are still languishing at just $1 each or have no bid, a downright silly 262 that are still languishing at just $3 each or under, and a Mt Everest-like 409 that are $5 each and under! THAT'S RIGHT, 40% OF THE ITEMS ARE $5 EACH OR UNDER (AND OVER 26% ARE JUST $3 EACH OR UNDER AND 13% ARE JUST $1 EACH OR HAVE NO BID), and there are LOTS of titles that I guarantee you many dealers would ask $10, $20 or much more for. This is the closest thing to "free money" I can imagine (especially since those in our club can purchase any 20 and get 6 or our best books as a bonus)!

HELLO! This is 2012 and I doubt you could have purchased many of these items for $5 (or far under) 20 years ago, and remember that this price is one third (or much less) of the minimum buying price at those "other" auctions (thanks to their ludicrous $14 buyers premiums)! And you can get as many of these items as you want sent in one package anywhere in the U.S. for just 11 DOLLARS shipping for all (or actual cost anywhere else), EVEN IF you win 100 or more! And if you are in our e-mail club (over 7,200 members), you get great added bonuses if you purchase 10 or 15 or 20 items (no matter how inexpensive)!

Of course, once you get OVER just $5, you start hitting lots and lots of "better" titles, but an awful lot of those are currently at VERY reasonable prices, far under what some of them have sold for in the past (the ones we can find any record of selling in the past!) including (click on the titles to go to the actual auctions, or click on the photo icon to just see the image):
9c177 DIAL M FOR MURDER 1sh '54 Alfred Hitchcock, Grace Kelly reaches for phone while attacked!Posted Image
9c854 TERROR FROM THE YEAR 5,000 1sh '58 wonderful Reynold Brown art of the hideous she-thing!
Posted Image
9c103 BUTCH CASSIDY & THE SUNDANCE KID style B 1sh '69 Paul Newman, Robert Redford, Katharine Ross
Posted Image
9c186 DON'T BOTHER TO KNOCK 1sh '52 classic image of sexiest Marilyn Monroe on black background!
Posted Image
9c181 DIRTY HARRY 1sh '71 great c/u art of Clint Eastwood pointing gun, Don Siegel crime classic!
Posted Image
9c513 MAN WHO SHOT LIBERTY VALANCE 1sh '62 John Wayne & James Stewart 1st time together, John Ford
Posted Image
9c609 PALE RIDER int'l 1sh '85 great different art of cowboy Clint Eastwood by Grove!
Posted Image
9c336 HARD CANDY 1sh '76 John Holmes, wild 3-D sexy artwork of The Lollipop Girls!
Posted Image
9c835 TAXI DRIVER 1sh '76 classic art of Robert De Niro by cab, directed by Martin Scorsese!
Posted Image
9c101 BURNING CROSS 1sh '47 Hank Daniels, Virginia Patton, KKK expose, terror on the rampage!!
Posted Image
9c368 HOT SKIN 1sh '78 Disco Dolls, Serena & John Holmes in widevision 3-D!
Posted Image
9c924 UNCONQUERED 1sh R55 art of Gary Cooper with sexy Paulette Goddard & two guns!
Posted Image
9c279 FROM RUSSIA WITH LOVE style B 1sh '64 Sean Connery is Ian Fleming's James Bond 007!
Posted Image
and on and on and on and on!

In these days of high starting bids or fourteen dollar minimum buyers premiums, it is a sight for sore eyes to see999 folded one-sheets at such low, low prices with just 13 hours to go!

Don't forget to check out our 999 folded one-sheets sometime BEFORE they end TONIGHT Tuesday, March 20th, (but you only have 13 hours left to do so, because they start ending at 7 PM CST TONIGHT, so hustle over there right now!) by going to http://www.emovieposter.com/agallery/13.html

And now you can browse the items in ALL of galleries at one time in our All Auctions gallery at http://www.emovieposter.com/agallery/all.html!

And you can always access our galleries by using the link from our homepage, http://www.emovieposter.com.

Posted Image
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