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72 Original British Quad Posters - 1980's and 90's

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Posted 27 November 2018 - 6:24 PM

Hi All,
     This week on eBay I have 72 Original British Quad Movie Posters up for auction, mostly from the 1980's and 1990's
      Including Thrillers such as SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER ME (1987) starring Tom Berenger, STRIKING DISTANCE (1990) with Bruce Willis, IN THE LINE OF FIRE (1993) Clint Eastwood, and PACIFIC HEIGHTS (1990) featuring Melanie Griffiths and Michael Keaton.
      Also listed are a few family classics including LITTLE LORD FAUNTLEROY (1980) starring Ricky Schroder alongside Alec Guinness, plus Macaulay Culkin stars in both THE PAGEMASTER and RICHIE RICH, Michael Oliver creates havoc for John Ritter in PROBLEM CHILD (1990), and Glenn Close takes on the role of Cruella De Vil in the 1996 Live Action version of 101 DALMATIANS.
      Dramas include POSTCARDS FROM THE EDGE the 1990 semi-autobiographical story of Carrie Fisher's relationship with her mother Debbie Reynolds, with Meryl Streep and Shirley MacLaine playing the respective parts. Plus MOUNTAINS OF THE MOON, THE MAN IN THE MOON and THE LOVER (L'amant).
       And finally a few comedies such as Sylvester Stallone's STOP OR MY MOM WILL SHOOT, Steve Martin stars in FATHER OF THE BRIDE, SGT. BILKO and HOUSESITTER, Plus from the 70's I have ODDS AND EVENS starring comedy duo Terence Hill and Bud Spencer, and romantic comedy LOST AND FOUND with George Segal and Glenda Jackson.
         Auction ends Sunday 02nd December 2018.
Follow this link to view the auction https://www.ebay.co....nc&LH_Auction=1
Happy Browsing
This weeks ebay auction includes ... 
101 DALMATIANS (1996) Original Cinema Quad Film Poster (Teaser) Glenn Close
A LITTLE PRINCESS (1995) Quad Movie Poster - Liesel Matthews, Alfonso Cuaron
AGATHA CHRISTIE'S : ORDEAL BY INNOCENCE (1985) Quad Film Poster - Faye Dunaway
DAVE (1993) Cinema Quad Film Poster - Kevin Kline, Sigourney Weaver (design2)
DAVE (1993) Cinema Quad Film Poster - Kevin Kline, Sigourney Weaver (release)
DECEIVED (1991) Original Cinema Quad Movie Poster - Goldie Hawn
DESPERATE MEASURES (1998) Cinema Quad Movie Poster - Michael Keaton, Andy Garcia
DR. DOLITTLE 2 (2001) Cinema Quad Movie Poster - Eddie Murphy (Release Version)
FATHER OF THE BRIDE (1992) Cinema Quad Film Poster - Steve Martin, Diane Keaton
FINAL ANALYSIS (1992) Cinema Quad Film Poster - Richard Gere, Uma Thurman
FORGET PARIS (1995) Cinema Quad Movie Poster - Billy Crystal, Debra Winger
GUILTY AS SIN (1993) Cinema Quad Movie Poster - Rebecca De Mornay, Don Johnson
GUILTY BY SUSPICION (1991) Original Quad Film Poster - Robert De Niro
HOME ALONE 3 (1997) Cinema Quad Movie Poster - Alex D. Linz, Kevin Kilner
HOUSESITTER (1992) Original Quad Movie Poster - Steve Martin, Goldie Hawn
IN DREAMS (1999) Cinema Quad Movie Poster - Robert Downey Jr, Annette Bening
IN THE LINE OF FIRE (1993) Cinema Quad Film Poster - Clint Eastwood DS
KILLING DAD (1989) Cinema Quad Movie Poster - Julie Walters, Richard E. Grant
LITTLE LORD FAUNTLEROY (1980) Quad Movie Poster - Ricky Schroder, Alec Guinness
LOOK WHO'S TALKING NOW (1994) Quad Movie Poster - John Travolta, Kirstie Alley
LORENZO'S OIL (1993) Cinema Quad Film Poster - Nick Nolte, Susan Sarandon
LOST AND FOUND (1979) Cinema Quad Movie Poster - George Segal, Glenda Jackson
MIDNIGHT STING (1992) Cinema Quad Film Poster - James Woods, Louis Gossett Jr
MILK MONEY (1994) Cinema Quad Movie Poster - Melanie Griffith, Ed Harris
MISSION TO MARS (2000) Cinema Quad Movie Poster - Tim Robbins, Gary Sinise
MO MONEY (1992) Cinema Quad Film Poster - Damon Wayans, Marlon Wayans
MONEY TRAIN (1996) Cinema Quad Movie Poster - Wesley Snipes, Woody Harrelson
MORTAL THOUGHTS (1991) Cinema Quad Film Poster - Demi Moore, Bruce Willis
MOUNTAINS OF THE MOON (1989) Original Cinema Quad Film Poster - Patrick Bergin
MRS DOUBTFIRE (1994) Cinema Quad Film Poster - Robin Williams, Sally Field
MULTIPLICITY (1996) Original Cinema Quad Film Poster - Michael Keaton (Release)
MULTIPLICITY (1996) Quad Film Poster - Michael Keaton, Andie Macdowell (Release)
MY FATHER THE HERO (1994) Quad Film Poster - Gerard Depardieu, Katherine Heigl
MY FATHER THE HERO (1994) Quad Movie Poster - Gerard Depardieu, Katherine Heigl
MY LIFE (1993) Cinema Quad Film Poster - Michael Keaton, Nicole Kidman
MYSTERY MEN (1999) Cinema Quad Movie Poster - Ben Stiller, William H. Macy
NIXON (1996) Original Cinema Quad Movie Poster - Anthony Hopkins, Oliver Stone
NORTH (1994) Cinema Quad Movie Poster - Elijah Wood, Bruce Willis
NOT WITHOUT MY DAUGHTER (1991) Cinema Quad Poster - Sally Field, Alfred Molina
NUTS (1987) Cinema Quad Film Poster - Barbra Streisand, Richard Dreyfuss
ODDS AND EVENS (1979) Cinema Quad Movie Poster - Terence Hill, Bud Spencer
PACIFIC HEIGHTS (1990) Quad Movie Poster - Melanie Griffiths, Michael Keaton
PHENOMENON (1996) Cinema Quad Film Poster - John Travolta, Kyra Sedgwick
POSTCARDS FROM THE EDGE (1990) Original Quad Film Poster - Meryl Streep
POSTCARDS FROM THE EDGE (1990) Quad Film Poster - Meryl Streep, Shirley MacLaine
PROBLEM CHILD (1990) Cinema Quad Film Poster - John Ritter, Michael Oliver
REGARDING HENRY (1991) Original Quad Film Poster - Harrison Ford (release vers)
RESTORATION (1996) Cinema Quad Film Poster - Robert Downey Jr., Sam Neill
RICHIE RICH (1995) Original Cinema Quad Film Poster - Macaulay Culkin
SABRINA (1996) Original Cinema Quad Movie Poster - Harrison Ford, Julia Ormond
SGT. BILKO (1996) Original Cinema Quad Film Poster - Steve Martin, Dan Aykroyd.
SHAFT (2000) Cinema Quad Movie Poster - Samuel L. Jackson, Richard Roundtree
SHATTERED (1991) Quad Movie Poster - Tom Berenger, Bob Hoskins, Greta Scacchi
SHE-DEVIL (1989) Cinema Quad Movie Poster - Meryl Steep, Roseanne Barr
SHIRLEY VALENTINE (1989) Cinema Quad Movie Poster - Pauline Collins, Tom Conti
SOAPDISH (1991) Cinema Quad Film Poster - Robert Downey Jr., Carrie Fisher
SOME MOTHER'S SON (1996) Original Cinema Quad Movie Poster - Helen Mirren
SOMEONE TO WATCH OVER ME (1987) Original Quad Movie Poster - Tom Berenger
STOP OR MY MOM WILL SHOOT (1992) Cinema Quad Movie Poster - Sylvester Stallone
STRIKING DISTANCE (1990) Original Cinema Quad Film Poster - Bruce Willis
THE DISTINGUISHED GENTLEMAN (1993) Cinema Quad Film Poster - Eddie Murphy
THE DOCTOR (1991) Cinema Quad Movie Poster - William Hurt, Mandy Patinkin
THE FLINTSTONES (1994) Quad Movie Poster - John Goodman, Rick Moranis (Advance)
THE FOUR SEASONS (1981) Cinema Quad Film Poster - Alan Alda, Carol Burnett
THE LOVER (1992) Cinema Quad Film Poster (L'amant) Tony Leung, Jane March
THE LOVER (1992) Quad Movie Poster (a.k.a. L'amant) Tony Leung, Jane March
THE MAN IN THE MOON (1991) Original Cinema Quad Movie Poster - Reese Witherspoon
THE MIRROR HAS TWO FACES (1996) Original Quad Film Poster - Barbra Streisand
THE PAGEMASTER (1994) Cinema Quad Poster - Christopher Lloyd, Macaulay Culkin
THE RELIC (1996) Cinema Quad Film Poster - Penelope Ann Miller, Tom Sizemore
THE RIVER WILD (1994) Cinema Quad Movie Poster - Meryl Streep, Kevin Bacon
THE SAINT (1997) Original Cinema Quad Movie Poster - Val Kilmer, Elisabeth Shue

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